Occasionally, people ask so many questions concerning dental implants. This is because many
have heard about dental implants but they do not know much about them. Below are some of
the most frequently asked questions with the answers provided to help many people to learn
much about what Salem dental implants are?

What are dental implants?

A dental implant is simply a titanium screw which can be used to replace a failed tooth root.

This implant is used to provide support to one or more false teeth. It is usually mounted onto
the tooth jawbone.

Can one still have implants while he/she still has some of the original teeth?

Yes. It is still possible to have implants besides the original teeth.

How long do implants last and are they safe?

Indeed, implants are very safe and a well established treatment. They have a long durability.

However, much care is needed for them to last long. It is therefore prudent to regularly visit the
dentist to check the progress of one’s implants.

Does an implant hurt?

Since a local anesthetic is used, an implant becomes painless hence making the treatment very
comfortable. In case one is nervous, the dentist gives a sedative for him/her to feel comfortable
with the exercise.

How about the after care?

Usually, the dental team gives the patient some instructions on how he/she will take care of the
implants. They may also end up giving you pain-killers after they do the surgery. These
painkillers are taken in case of any pain.

Can I take the teeth out if they are fixed to implants?

Many teeth fixed on implants can only be removed by the dentist. However, in case you have
removable dentures fixed to implants, it is possible to remove them for cleaning.

Do the implants show?

Most implants appear exactly like natural teeth and hence it is not easy for people to notice

Are implants hard to clean?

Implants are not difficult to clean. Usually, the dentists advise the patient on how to take care
of their dental implants. It is good to frequently visit the dentist so that he/her can clean and
examine the dental implants.

Where do I go for treatment?

It is always good to talk to your dentist so that he/she can either treat you or refer you to an
experienced implantologist who will be able to assess you and treat you.

What will happen next?

Once the implants have been mounted, the jawbone has to grow onto them so that fusion can
take place. In case one is having one or two teeth being replaced, he/she can consider having a
temporary denture as the implants heal.

In a nut shell, there may be too many questions concerning the nature and the working of
dental implants. It is good for one to consider asking friends concerning the working of these
implants. However, the best person to ask is your dentist who will feed you with a lot of
information on how these implants work.