Nobody wishes to be treated by just ‘any’ dentist. It is because of this that you have to consider
some qualities to help you determine whether you are dealing with the best dentist in Salem OR or not.

Qualities of a great dentist

The best dentists ever, possess most of these qualities:

- The desire to continue learning-great dentists usually have passion for more education
in order to keep themselves abreast with the continually changing new technology as
well as the new ideas in the dentistry world. This helps them to know how they can deal
with any contemporary dental issue.

- He/she usually creates a good welcoming atmosphere for the patients-the dentist has
a comfortable office where he/she welcomes his/her patients warmly. The patients are
never rushed or made to feel inferior. In case there are other staffs, they also ensure
that they handle the patients in the most comfortable way possible.

- Has great passion for his/her work-to him/her, dental care is in his/her heart. This
dentist does his/her work willingly without forcing himself/herself to do it. Regardless of
ay time or season, this dentist is ready to work and help his/her patients.

- Prioritizes helping his/her patients first before demanding the payment-a good dentist
would first deal with the patient’s dental pain even before demanding to be paid. To
him/her, it is his/her patients who matter most than anything else.

- Has a good set of interpersonal skills-a good dentist  explains to the patient the oral
problems he/she is experiencing as well as the procedures which the dentist  will use to
deal with the problems. Moreover, the dentist explains to the patient the things he/she
should do to avoid any future problems.

- A good dentist usually follows the right procedure of correcting any dental problem-a
good dentist does not rush to rectify a certain dental problem. Rather, he/she makes
sure that the procedure that has to be followed to rectify such a problem is the correct

- A good dentist involves the patient in his/her treatment-he/she is aware that for the
patient to feel comfortable, he/she must be allowed to make a decision on the best
option for his/her treatment.

- He/she employs a gentle touch on the patient-the dentist is usually aware that a
patient’s mouth is very sensitive and hence he/she has to touch it with a lot of care so
that an extra pain is not added to the patient.

- He/she puts his/her patients at ease-this is because the dentist is aware that many
people are usually terrified by the idea of teeth removal. The dentist is therefore able to
make the patient relaxed before he/she performs the task.

- Lastly, a good dentist is able to deal with any dental problem he/she comes across-to
him/her; there is no dental disease he/she does not know. This helps him/her to be able
to have easy time in helping his/her patients who could approach him with every kind of
dental disease.