What is dental filling?

This is the restoration of a tooth that has been destroyed by decay, back to its original shape
and function. During dental filling at Wellness Springs Dental, your Salem dentist first removes the tooth material that has decayed after which he/she cleans the affected area. Once this is done, the dentist fills the cavity (that is already cleaned) with filling material. The advantage of closing empty gum spaces is that the
jawbone is protected against any further decay thus, leaving the entire mouth safe.

Types of dental filling

There are different types of dental filling which depend on the patient’s choice for their oral health. These fillings

Gold fillings-these fillings are usually made in laboratories depending on customers’ orders.

Once they are made, they are cemented into place. Usually, gold inlays are very much tolerated
by gum tissues. These inlays can also last for up to twenty years. As a result, many dentists
consider them the best filling material.

Porcelain fillings-these are also called onlays or inlays. Usually, they are designed to order in
laboratories and then mounted onto the tooth. They are matched to the teeth color. The
advantage with them is that, they resist the staining of teeth. Porcelain restoration ends up
covering most of the tooth.

Silver/amalgam fillings-these fillings are usually inexpensive and hence, the most convenient.

They are mostly used for restoring damaged teeth at the back of the mouth.

Composite/plastic resins-these fillings are usually matched to one’s color of teeth. Therefore,
they are mostly used whenever the patient desires an attractive natural appearance. The resin
ingredients are mixed and then put directly into the tooth cavity after which they harden.

How to know if you need a filling

It is only a dentist who after doing a dental check-up, will determine whether you are in need of
a dental filling or not. The dentist uses a very small mirror to observe the surface of each tooth.

Incase anything abnormal is noticed, it is checked using very special dental instruments.

What one has to expect during a dental filling

The first one is a local anesthesia-Before the filling process begins, a patient is given a local
anesthesia which numbs that area which surrounds the tooth. This makes filling comfortable to
the patient.

Removal of the decayed tooth-the decayed tooth is removed after which the dentist cuts
through the enamel in order to remove any other decayed part. Once the dentist has finished
doing this, he/she shapes the place making it ready for filling.

Etching-In case of a bonded filling, the dentist etches the tooth using an acid gel after which
he/she will place the filling.

Application of resin-Though this depends with the type of filling the dentist is dealing with, in
most fillings the dentist layers on the resin before hardening it using bright light thus making it
very strong.

The polishing process-the tooth is usually polished once filling is complete.
Dental fillings are good since they help one to regain the natural beauty lost when one’s teeth
come out. Moreover, dental fillings help to prevent further teeth decay. Some of the factors
which the dentist considers are: the cost of filling, the place where the filling is needed in one’s
mouth and the extent of the dental repair.